Kimura Takuya With Black Dial Fake Rolex Explorer I 114270 Watch UK

Kimura Takuya is the famous Japanese actor, singer and seiy. In the popular TV drama “Love Generation” (1997), he wore the simple copy Rolex Explorer I 114270 watch. The steel watch became in hot sale since the broadcast of this TV drama.

The simple fake watch is made from steel.
Steel Fake Rolex Explorer I 114270 Watch

In the other magazine, we noticed that he also wore the famous replica watch with black dial. There are steel hour marks (Arabic numerals 3, 6 and 9) and hands. Simple in designs, but superb in function, the watch can was paired with his simple white shirt.

The steel copy watch has black dial.
Superb Copy Rolex Explorer I 114270 Watch

That was 20 years ago, though there are new Rolex Explorer II now, the well-designed watch fake Rolex is still popular. Classic Rolex will never be out of style.

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